Different Types of Cultivation of the Marijuana Plant

Different Types of Cultivation of the Marijuana Plant

The cultivation of the cannabis plant and marijuana is an old science that is still in its formative stages. Marijuana has been around for a very long time, it’s different to say, from the cultivation of other crops like rice or wheat.

When we talk about the difference between marijuana and the cultivation of other crops, we are talking about the chemical composition and what each of the constituents means for the plant. The whole plant is extremely diverse in the varieties that it has and this diversity comes through the genetic and environmental changes that occur throughout the plant’s growth.

This diversity is often a part of the nature that gives marijuana plants an ability to adapt to many different conditions. These different types of plants have evolved to have adaptability, but to have some similarities too. Cultivation is an old science too and still going on today and weed is the end result of all kinds of processes.

Cultivation for the cannabis plant began with the oldest tree seeds that had characteristics similar to cannabis plants. These are probably the ancestor of what we consider today as the traditional weed.

There are many species that have been discovered since and the number of these species is increasing by the day. We know for a fact that not all is a genetic mixture of different species.

Since the introduction of different varieties, the cultivation of the cannabis plant has progressed. We now know that there are hundreds of different varieties and at least one new species being discovered every day.

For the most part, a plant that is a hybrid of the cannabis plant can display some pretty astonishing cannabinoid levels. In fact, a recent study by researchers at the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) indicated that several high cannabinoid levels exist within marijuana plants. This finding has led the research community to hope that the process of cannabis cultivation will allow for more and better ways to produce high-quality medicine for sufferers of diseases like AIDS and cancer.

It has also been suggested that other cannabinoids are also present within cannabis plants. These should not be too much of a surprise to anyone that considers the genetics of marijuana plants.

Along with the variety of cannabinoid levels, there are also other important things about the process of cannabis cultivation that must be considered. What most people don’t understand, is that the science and technology behind cultivation are actually an extension of that process.

First and foremost, it should be understood that the best result for the industry is a successful harvest of each plant. The science and technology behind cultivation and cannabis research are based on a simple principle: yield equals to crop yields.

And the same holds true for every different type of plant. Just like any other agriculture, the best way to get the best product is to get the best grower or plant.

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