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We all know how important it is to stay in touch with your friends on social media. And using mobile apps is the most convenient way to do so. But there are just so many of them, sometimes it’s difficult to choose the right one. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of only the best free social apps for iPhone that can really help you socialize everywhere you go.

And here, you can learn more about every app mentioned in this review and how to download it for free.


Facebook app screenshot

Every day brings new social media platforms, but Facebook remains the greatest of them all. Used by almost everyone, it is the first app you should download – if you haven’t yet. The mobile Facebook app is completely free, and it has just about every feature you may need to communicate with your friends. Moreover, it has its interface tailored to all of the iOS devices, so it’s rather comfortable to use on tablets, as well.


Instagram app screenshot

Instagram is another social media platform that doesn’t need any introduction. The service is based on posting photos, and it has become so popular that there’s an entire industry around it now. Instagram was the first app to introduce Stories – an instrument that allows you to make a connected series of photos depicting your entire day. And then, your followers can watch and comment each part of your Story separately.

Instagram offers you all kinds of options. You can use it just like any other social media app – simply to share interesting moments of your everyday life with a couple of your friends. But you can also follow almost every celebrity and get constantly updated on their personal photos – or become a kind of local celebrity yourself to get a chance to earn some money.


Pinterest app screenshot

Pinterest is another social media platform that is based on posting photos. However, it’s rather different from Instagram – even in terms of the community. Pinterest allows you to create fully customizable boards for you and other users to communicate – and to store related pictures, which are called pins here. The thing is, every pin has a link to a site it was taken from, so you can easily find more information on any topic.

But you don’t have to go to the original sites all the time. Most of the pins already include basic information about the depicted item. For example, pins with cooking recipes have a list of ingredients, and pins with items you can buy have a buy button. No matter what you’re interested in, Pinterest has lots of pictures on any topic, and the app allows you to browse them with great comfort.


Snapchat app screenshot

Snapchat is a social media platform that has grown very popular lately. The concept is based on sending photos and videos that last only a few seconds. This feature really boosts your creativity and makes the overall mood of the app much lighter. However, the idea of these short Snaps is not the only interesting feature of Snapchat: you can also create prolonged series of them called Stories – or take silly selfies with tons of available effects and filters.

The latter are probably what helped the app go viral. The filters are not some kind of masks that simply overlay your photo or video (but the app has them, too). They work smarter, changing your face in real time to make you a cute dog – or to change your gender. You’ve probably heard about the gender swap filter already, so it looks like a nice time to download the app and try it yourself.


Hangouts app screenshot

Hangouts is a messaging app developed by Google. While it doesn’t feel complex enough to be a truly social media app, you can still use it to send text messages and media files to your friends and colleagues. There are also high-quality video chats with a single contact or a whole group – so it’s pretty useful for conferences. Of course, Hangouts has all kinds of funny stickers and emoji, too.


WhatsApp app screenshot

WhatsApp is another popular messaging app that offers you everything from simple text messages with emoji and stickers to video calls. You don’t even have to create an account – the app uses your phone number. You can make calls and send text messages all across the world completely for free: the app requires only a stable Internet connection.


SoundCloud app screenshot

SoundCloud is a social media platform that is centered around uploading and listening to music and podcasts. Like every other social network, SoundCloud allows you to like, share and comment any tracks, follow other users and create playlists. But due to its concept, the platform is especially popular amongst indie groups and podcasters as well as their fans. SoundCloud is a great service for discovering new music, and the app allows you to search for it much more conveniently.


Spotify app screenshot

Spotify is a music social media platform, too. It focuses more on popular music, but otherwise, it’s quite similar to SoundCloud and other free social apps. You can listen to music and organize it into playlists, and there are options to discover what your friends listen to – and to share your music with them. The app has a rather simple interface, but the free version has lots of annoying ads, and there is a limit on how often you can skip a track, so it’s probably better to purchase a premium version.

However, the downside of being able to discover your friends’ music is that they can discover yours. And we all know there’s always something you’d like to hide from them. So don’t forget to go incognito before playing these specific tracks you don’t want anybody to know about.


Tumblr app screenshot

Tumblr is a microblogging platform that allows you to post tiny notes with pictures, videos and music. Every little feature is tailored to make creating your blog as simple as possible, but there are enough options to make it more serious and informative if you need that. Of course, you can follow other Tumblr users and read their blogs – or just discover some of the freshest memes.


Vine is a microblogging service that is focused on video content. The platform allows you to record and share tiny videos called vines that can be no longer than six seconds. This makes it unsuitable for something coherent and serious, but a perfect way to record a little video of your funny pet. However, these restrictions sometimes make users creative, and some vines look just like small movies. And even if you are not that creative yourself, you can always watch other people all around the world do all kinds of things.

Best for You

So, which one should you choose? Just decide what content you like to discover and share the most. Each of these social media free apps has its own focus, so you just have to choose the one you like. Please don’t forget to like, share, and comment on your choice.

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