Thirst for Destruction: Cyberpunk 2077 Has a New Gimmick

Thirst for Destruction: Cyberpunk 2077 Has a New Gimmick on DunhamsBaySeaRay Top Blog

The studio Behind Cyberpunk ‘77 — CD Projekt Red — aims to take the destruction system to the next level. Soon, according to the developers, you’ll be able to obliterate every second object in its dystopian environment.

One of the biggest complaints about Cyberpunk there is, is that it lacks interactivity. Player vs. environment interaction is going to be reinvented now. According to one of the authors Pawel Kapala, almost everything you see in the game will be destructible.


From whiskey glasses and liquor bottles to covers and entire buildings — they are being updated with newly added destruction effects. You’ll be able to unleash your fury and leave the wrath marks after a good shootout.

Plus, this will affect the gameplay. If earlier your enemy could hind behind a wooden panel, now they’ll have to be more tactically wise. With, say, Arasaka Tki-20 you can pulverize it and smoke the enemy out of the cozy lair.

‘We wanted to have that feeling that, basically, after you’re done with a shootout, the place where you had the shootout is destroyed.” says Pawel. In turn, believable destructibility will increase the already existing handsome specs of the game.   

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