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Kronos Mobile app was made to ease the life of office workers. The days of paper calendars and writing your names on them are over. Unlikely, the manager will see it. And Kronos is the answer to all your problems. It offers to make time-off requests painless and via the Internet.

Why Kronos Mobile App is the Lifesaver?

Before we share with you tips on how to request time off on Kronos mobile app, let’s discuss main Kronos benefits:

  • You can check the approval of your request anytime you want;
  • Kronos offers to submit requests in advance and place it on the calendar;
  • You can’t throw away the request by accident;
  • It is extremely simple to use.

Kronos Mobile Setup Instruction

If you still doubting whether you need to use the app or not, read the following instructions. It will actually help you to understand that Kronos mobile app is even more convenient in use than Google Calendar, for example. Here is an instruction step by step:

  • You have to log-in to the account on Kronos on the Use your 6 digit number of employees and your usual password.
  • Now you are in and can see the weekly schedule. There are buttons that offer you to check the way you view information. Among numerous buttons, you will see one with the title: “Request Time Off”. It is located in the second row above the table.
  • Click and you’ll see the box with the date, time, type, duration. Fill it with information. If you don’t want to make the type of request Personal, it is better to go for “Unpaid Time Off”.
  • Select the date on Kronos mobile app. Choose the start date and the end date. If you want only one day off, both calendars with dates have to show the same date.
  • In the section “Duration” pick only “Hours”.
  • If you need the entire day off, set the clock for “6:00 am” at the Start Time. Pick “8:00” in Length. This way your boss will see that you are unavailable during the whole working day.
  • But if you don’t need the whole day off, set a specific time. For example, pick “5:00 pm” as the Start Time and “6:00” as the Length if you need only the evening off. Usually, the shift of 5-C equals to 6 hours. You will have to get accustomed to this system.
  • Check whether you put all the information correctly and submit it. Now your manager will see the request. The approved request will be shown in your calendar.

Do You Need It?

Yes, Kronos app is one of the most convenient apps for work. You don’t have to use your PC for it. Just install Kronos mobile iPhone and practice to make requests without sending it. Have you already tried to send a request via Kronos? Share your impression in the comments section below.

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