About Us

DunhamsBaySeaRay.com is one of the largest online websites in the US about social and communication apps for Android and iOS devices, including smartwatches and smart tv. This website created for people who prefer to install only the best social apps.

What we do at DunhamsBaySeaRay

Listen to our users!

Our users know what apps they like. We make it easy for them to tell us, with user reviews, ratings, and favorites. Also, we communicate with our users by contact form.

Deliver fresh apps

Every week we add more than a hundred new apps to our catalog. We present apps from Google Play, Apple iTunes, and independent developers, spread around the globe. Here you can find all communication, social, and news apps for Android and iOS.


DunhamsBaySeaRay provides innovative functionality like:

  • App Update History.
  • Popularity and activity charts (under development).
  • The social network for communication about apps (under development).

Lead the way

We currently work on creating new features, that will add more useful functionality and data to our users.

Contact Details
21 Sandown Ln, Liverpool L15 8HY
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